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General Information about Paper Wasps

Paper wasps gets its name from the paper-like material it uses to construct its nests. Although not as much of a problem as German and common wasps, paper wasps (Asian, European and Australian) have also been introduced to New Zealand. Paper wasps build small nests out of regurgitated woody material, about the size of a pear.

Paper wasps are slender with long legs (1/2 to 1 inch long) that dangle beneath their bodies when they fly. They are generally brown with yellowish markings, however, European paper wasps are black and yellow in colour and resemble yellow jackets.

European paper wasp

What to Look For - Signs of a Paper Wasp Infestation

When checking for nests each spring they should be tiny and easy to deal with. They will be about the size of a golf ball. Check the loft, garage, shed and under eaves if you see any wasps flying around, make sure you haven’t got any tiny wee nest anywhere on your property.

  • Their nests are small, around the size of a pear and made from regurgitated woody material. 
  • If you have found one nest you are bound to find some more not too far away, as their colony size is about 30-40 wasps per nest. 
  • Wasps commonly nest in a wide variety of sites, including on and inside buildings, sheltered shrubs, in window or door frames, in fences and attics.