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General Information About Ants

In New Zealand, there are 40 known species of ants. Solely 11 of these are endemic (found only in New Zealand) and the rest are geographically distributed. The remaining 29 are introduced species, largely from Australia, that were accidentally brought to New Zealand by humans.

Their capacity to adapt habitats, access resources, and defend themselves has been ascribed to their success in so many situations. Ant societies have a division of work, individual communication, and the ability to solve complicated issues.


What to Look For - Signs of an Ant Infestation

Usually ants are not a house pest but can become a considerable nuisance pest if they enter houses in search of food or shelter. When ants are foraging for new food sources or looking for somewhere warmer to nest you can start to see them more often around your home. Often the amount of ants that you will see only make up about 10% of the ant population. 

Once the ants have found a good food source they will leave a sent trail for others to follow. This is why you will see ants single file in a line that they do not deviate from. 

There are a few things that you can do to reduce the chances that ants will find your home attractive:

  • Clean up food scraps
  • Keep you sugary foods in sealed containers
  • Ensure outdoor rubbish area is clean