Flea, Ant & Roach Spray 240mL

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Flea, Ant & Roach Spray 240mL

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Hawkeye Flea, Ant, and Roach (FAR) Spray effectively controls ants, fleas, roaches for 2-3 months and can also be applied against paper wasp nests.


Excellent stuf for cockroaches. Since using it around the house the only cockroaches we have found are dead ones.
Excellent product with fantastic results.

Directions for use

See product label for precautions when using the product. Always cover goldfish bowls before applying. Shake Hawkeye Flea, Ant, and Roach (FAR) Spray before using. Add 40ml of product per litre of water (e.g. 200ml per 5 L of water) in an appropriate sprayer. Close the sprayer and mix spray solution thoroughly. When applying make sure you don’t spray to the point of, or past run off. Treated areas should always be ventilated for at least 2 hours before re-using area. To do this, open windows and doors (if possible) and allow outside air to flow through the treated area.

If using to control Fleas

Liberally spray the along the perimeter of all the walls and cover your floor area especially pet resting areas, carpets, behind furniture and other areas where fleas have been spotted. Remove cushions from furniture and apply Hawkeye FAR Spray in the crevices. Wait at least 2 hours before vacuuming. Lightly spray over all other soft furnishings where fleas may be harbouring ensuring areas under furniture receive treatment, e.g. carpets, couches etc. The amount of spray mix that needs to be applied depends on the depth of carpet pile and other soft furnishings coverings. Good coverage is essential to cause contact with fleas that may be harboring lower in the carpet pile. Always ensure an area has been treated and ventilated before letting your pet back in.

If you have a heavy infestation, treat outdoor areas as well, especially under decks, around vegetation, and anywhere your pets like to hang out. Thoroughly spray all affected areas, concentrating on moist and shaded spots such as under shrubs and decks. Repeat the treatment every two to three weeks for six weeks or until fleas are under control. Once you have the flea problem under control you can move to a maintenance schedule of treating every four to six weeks until completely eradicated.

It is advisable to treat your home and yard for fleas on the same day and it is very important to deflea your pets with an registered flea treatment to ensure you break the flea cycle. This can be done with Hawkeye FAR Spray, Hawkeye Spider and Insect Spray or Hawkeye Ant Spray for more residual control. Daily vacuuming for 2-3 weeks following the treatment will ensure that hidden flea eggs do not hatch to create a new infestation. Also make sure after vacuuming that you empty the contents and remove them from the house, so the fleas don’t just escape out of the vacuum bag back into your home.

If using to control indoor Ant problems

Apply Hawkeye FAR Spray into crevices along baseboards and around all openings in the home such as windows, doors frames and patio sliders where ants are seen. Spray ant trails where ants are walking with a band that extends 5cm either side of the trail to the point of, but not past run off. Spray likely ant trailing and foraging areas to the point of, but not past run off. Applying a combination of Hawkeye Ant Bait Gel along with Hawkeye FAR Spray is the best method to effectively eradicate the whole nest. Apply Hawkeye Ant Bait Gel according to its use instructions alongside existing ant trails. Accidental overspray of Hawkeye FAR Spray over the top of Hawkeye Ant Bait placements will not cause any negative effects, because they contain the same active ingredient.

For outdoor ant trails Hawkeye Ant Spray is recommended for effective and long term control in the outdoor environment. 

If using to control Cockroaches

Carefully inspect the house or infested property, for roach infestation and treat preferred harbourage locations, such as under refrigerators, floorboards, ovens or behind skirting boards or architraves. Be sure to spray any aggregations or areas with faecal spotting. Avoid spraying walls, floors, baseboards and countertops since cockroaches spend very little time in these areas. It is recommended to apply Hawkeye Roach Bait at the same time as Hawkeye FAR spray for the best results, especially if the infestation is heavy. Accidental overspray of Hawkeye FAR Spray over the top of Hawkeye Roach Bait placements will not cause any negative effects, because they contain the same active ingredient

If using to control Paper Wasps

Ensure you are treating a paper wasp nest and not a German or Common Wasp as these latter two wasps have significantly larger nests and are much more aggressive towards people. Spray the paper wasp nest directly, thoroughly saturating the nest and any wasps present early morning or after sunset when most adults have returned to nest and are not very active. While paper wasps do not show any reaction to being sprayed with Hawkeye FAR Spray it is recommended to cover your face and wear an extra layer of clothing while treating the nest.

While it is not essential for all wasps to have returned to the nest prior to application, a faster result will occur if all wasps have returned and are resting on the nest. By thoroughly saturating the nest with spray solution you will ensure any wasps not present at the time of application are still exposed to the active ingredient when they return.

Frequently asked questions

What is the active ingredient?

Hawkeye Flea, Ant and Roach (FAR) Spray contains 25 g/L Indoxacarb as the active ingredient

Is it dangerous?

The product is no more hazardous than other common chemicals found around the home. The active ingredient is one of the safest insecticide active ingredients available today.

When should I use it?

Hawkeye FAR Spray is the product of choice to control fleas, ants and cockroaches inside the home due to its excellent safety profile. It is also ideal to eliminate paper wasp nests outside because it does not elicit a response from the wasps while being sprayed.

How can I find out what insect pests I have?

Our Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas and Wasps pages may help you identify the specific pest that you have. If you are still unable to identify the insect Contact Us and our entomologist will work with you to identify the species and provide advice on the recommended solution and application of the products for the best result.


What do you mean by ‘don’t spray past the point of run off’?

Products such as Hawkeye FAR Spray should be applied as a fine spray, where the spray droplets are very small. Ideally these should cover the surface evenly, but not to the point where they pool together to form larger droplets on the surface. This is called the point of run off. If this occurs these larger droplets can run (vertical) or drip (ceilings) off the surface, and means too much spray has been applied.

Does it control insects other than fleas, ants, cockroaches and paper wasps?

It will definitely control other insects, but we are still researching the insects it is effective against and how best to use the product to control these. For example, we are currently examining its efficacy against bed bugs. It will also control flies but takes considerably longer to kill the flies than Hawkeye Spider and Insect Spray so should only be used for this if this limitation is acceptable.


Technical Information

Hawkeye Flea, Ant and Roach (FAR) Spray has been formulated to provide a safer alternative to control specific insects in and around buildings for up to 2-3 months. It is slow acting so insects will pick it up and carry it back to others to spread it around for a more effective result. This occurs with social insects such as ants as well as insects that harbour together such as cockroaches. It is ideal to use on soft furnishings to control fleas due to its excellent safety profile. Hawkeye FAR spray is designed for inside use, and will not leave stains or residues on treated surfaces when used appropriately.

For outdoor use, Hawkeye Ant Spray is recommended, which contains additional ingredients so that it will last longer outside.

It is available in the following pack sizes and configurations:
240mL pack with included measuring cylinder which is sufficient for 6L of spray mix

Flea, Ant and Roach Safety Data Sheet 

Hawkeye Flea, Ant and Roach (FAR) Spray contains Indoxacarb as the active ingredient. Indoxacarb is one of the safest insecticide active ingredients available today due to its mode of action. Indoxacarb is converted by enzymes inside the insect to the toxin that kills the insect through blocking of nerve impulses from its nerve cells. This causes the insect to slow down to the point of paralysis – the opposite effect to pyrethroid active ingredients found in Hawkeye Spider and Insect Spray and the majority of home use sprays and aerosols in New Zealand.
Mammals such as people and pets do not contain the specific enzymes that break Indoxacarb down to the toxin that kills insects. This means it has a low toxicity to people and is perfect to be used in and around the home as a result.

The active ingredient can cause multiple generational kill with insects, for example cockroaches who eat the faeces of cockroaches who have received a lethal dose of Indoxacarb can receive a lethal dose themselves from the faeces. Similarly cockroaches who feed on a cockroach cadaver who died from a lethal dose of Indoxacarb can in turn receive a lethal dose. Aren’t cockroaches gross!

A lot of pest treatments found on the Hawkeye website recommend multiple products be used to get the best result. Consider each product to be a tool that is used and in order to get a good outcome a variety of tools must be used, much the same as its not possible to build a house with only a hammer, a number of tools are needed. In the case of Hawkeye FAR spray, other products such as baits or specialist outdoor products are recommended for best results. The reason for this is because a heavy infestation requires a higher amount of active ingredient to eradicate the biomass of insect pest present. The best way to achieve this is to get the active ingredient to the pest infestation from as many sources as possible (eg ingested from bait, contacted from spray). Often a spray will eliminate 95% of the pest infestation and bait is necessary to ‘mop up’ the remaining pests who were missed with the spray application.