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General Information About Red Mites

Poultry red mites are normally 2mm in length or less, oval in shape, and have 8 legs as adults. This can make it very difficult to see them. It's even more difficult to notice and find them if they haven't had a blood meal because they get their red colour through engorging on blood; otherwise, they're a faint white colour.

Red mites can transmit a range of diseases to both birds and humans, as well as cause financial damage to commercial coops. Red mites can be difficult to control due to their rapid life cycle, which means that one treatment may not always be sufficient to eradicate an infestation.

Poultry Red Mite Re Sized

What to Look For - Signs of a Red Mite Infestation

Red mites can affect the birds egg production, as when they are stressed the rate, they lay eggs will decrease and the eggs will be of lower quality and size. The red mites cause the birds stress which means they are more susceptible to poultry diseases.

  • high level of stress in the birds from the skin irritation and repeated bites from the mites.
  • Birds will start feather-pecking
  • More aggressive in nature with cannibalistic behaviour
  • Birds will consume more food and water, with their general health degrading.