Wasp Lure Starter Pack

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Wasp Lure Starter Pack

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SKU: F00135


Ideal for your backyard this Wasp Lure and Trap is scientifically developed, and proven to catch wasps. The lure contains a highly attractive nontoxic sugar-based solution that draws wasps in. The Wasp Lure attracts and captures Common and German wasps. The active foraging wasps are trapped and cannot escape, therefore drowning in the lure.

The Wasp Trap is super easy to set up and you will be catching those pesky wasps in no time. Buy today and start catching them now, before the problem gets worse.

This pack contains
x1 Hawkeye Wasp Lure 225ml pouch
x1 Hawkeye Wasp Trap

Does not control Paper wasps and is safe around bees.


Highly recommend for wasp problems
Wasp Lure works well. Wasps are attracted the station. Keeping those pesky wasps away from our Beehives.
Easy to use. No mess
Does the job
Having really good success with this stuff... I had a trap chocka full of wasps after a couple of weeks. It's all about finding the right location. I've got 4 of them dotted around the property now. Also seeing an increase in bait station use too, which is great.
I had brought a pear shaped lure from farmlands and all i was doing was feeding wasps and they would fly out. Purchased two of these on recomendation from my bee course tutor and the results are amazing.
Very effective and attracted a disturbing number of wasps. I appreciate that it is quick and easy to open and replace the lure while there are still wasps about. Stable station in the winds.
Awesome trap to catch wasps. Does a good job of catching them, have noticed that some do leave thru the holes but they mainly stay in and eventually get to the bottom and die. Have also brought the bait so they can take it to the nest and kill them that way. Have never noticed a problem before this year. Would definitely be buying more.

Directions for use

Inspect your property for high wasp activity areas. These areas are where you will want to place and install the Wasp Lure traps. Hawkeye Wasp Lure should be placed near where wasps are foraging for food, for best results.

The Wasp Lure shouldn’t be placed anywhere there are strong odors that could mask the ‘smell’ of the attractants in the Lure. For example, do not place Hawkeye Wasp Lure near flower beds, especially if they have a strong fragrance. Ideally, the placement will be out in an open position out of the all-day sun, off a tree branch, waratah post, etc. However, the primary consideration is putting it where wasps are foraging.

Once you have the location for the wasp trap decided, put a nylon thread or a cable tie on the yellow lid and keep it aside. Now fill the trap carefully with the Hawkeye Wasp Lure (one 225ml pouch per trap) and put the lid on making sure there are no spills on the sides. Wipe with a damp cloth if there is any spillage. You don't want wasps attracted to the lure on the outside of the trap.

Carefully hang the trap(s) on the pre-selected locations at about 1.5 meters above ground. Remember to be careful around spillage. Wasp Lure spillage over the side of the trap can attract bees, as the volatile bee-repellent components will evaporate quickly from the spilled material. We recommend if you notice any spillage during the duration of the placement, to clean it up as soon as you notice it.


The traps work by drowning the wasps and are most effective when there is enough Lure to drown them. Once the traps are full of wasp bodies, empty the whole lot and carefully refill them with an entire fresh wasp lure pouch. DO NOT top them up with water. 

Special instructions for installing Hawkeye Wasp Traps in an apiary

Hang the traps at least 25 meters distance away from bee hives.

If you are planning to keep using the Wasp Lure during winter, please make sure your hives are well-fed and they aren’t starving/hungry and looking for any sort of food. At this time of the year (winter) when there is not much food (flowers) around for them. This increases the chances of bees detecting the sugar in the traps once the Lure odours are gone (after about 7-10 days) and can get into the traps. We recommend that you change the lure 7-10 days during winter to avoid any chance of bees going near the Wasp Lure and getting trapped.

If you spot more than a couple of bees in a trap, the following steps should be observed:

  1. Wash Wasp Lure trap with warm water to remove old lures, dead wasps, bees, and any pheromone that may have been deposited by the bees.
  2. Replace with a fresh pouch of Hawkeye Wasp Lure.
  3. Place the trap in a different location so that the bees can’t find it again.

Some things NOT TO DO:

DO NOT put the traps anywhere near strong fragrant flowering plants or shrubs.

DO NOT top up the traps with water as that can attract bees (they can detect minute quantities of sugar present in the remaining Lure). Fresh Lure contains bee repellents, therefore the bees will stay away. Always refill them with fresh Hawkeye Wasp Lure.

DO NOT kill the live wasps by spraying fly spray into the dome trap. This will repel further wasps from entering the dome as fly sprays are mostly repellent by nature.

Frequently asked questions

Does Hawkeye Wasp Lure attract bees?

Hawkeye Wasp Lure contains bee deterrent so bees will not go near the trap, unless they are hungry and there is no natural food around. The only situations where bees have been found the traps are:

  • Lure spillage on the sides
  • Hungry and weak colonies during winter
  • Placement of traps near strong fragrant plants masking and blending the bee deterrents where bees are most active
  • Topping up the traps with water diluting the lure and lure volatiles

The Wasp Lure is highly volatile and evaporates quickly once outside the trap so any spillage on the outside of the trap can attract bees once all volatiles are gone, because the remaining liquid will be mainly sugar. Make sure there is no spillage and wipe it out with a damp cloth if there is any.

During dearth periods bees can attempt to check the traps so make sure you change the Lure more frequently, especially during winter. This will ensure you have adequate bee deterrents in the Lure. Make sure traps are installed  >25 meters from hives. Do not top it up with water.

Which species of wasps are attracted to Hawkeye Wasp Lure?

Common and German wasps

Does Hawkeye Wasp Lure attract paper wasps?

No, it is not particularly attractive to paper wasps because they have different behaviours and colony needs but paper wasps have been found in some traps in some locations under high paper wasp pressure conditions.

What active ingredient does it contain? How does the Hawkeye Lure works?

Hawkeye Wasp Lure doesn’t contain any active. It is non-poisonous and works via attract and trap mechanism. The wasps are attracted to the wasp attractant volatiles in the lure, enters the traps, gets trapped and cannot get out and hence dies of exhaustion and drowning.

I only have a couple of wasps flying here and there on my property, would it catch them too?

Yes, if there are any nuisance Common and German wasps around on your property it should catch them, but you have to find a suitable sunny location away from any strong fragrant plants to install the trap.

What should I do if there are still wasps around and not that many in the trap?

Change the location of the trap to another area where wasps are most active or hanging out. They may be looking for some protein so check our Hawkeye Wasp Bait product, and install a bait station near to the areas where they are hanging out. Hawkeye Wasp Bait is taken back to the nest to feed the Queen and juvenilies and will eliminate the whole nest.

What is the best time to install the Hawkeye Wasp Lure traps to make sure the population of wasps is under control on my property before reaching to high levels?

Spring time is the best to fill and put the Hawkeye Wasp traps out in sunny areas (or the areas you know are more prone to wasp activity based on previous wasp activity) to target the emerging queens from hibernation and the new batches of wasps from the colonies. A lot of queens have been found in the traps from September onwards in Auckland region and warmer parts of the country. One queen trapped is a nest gone so go for it, and install a trap at the start of the season to target most queens or the early population.

How many Hawkeye Wasp Lure Traps do I need to install?

We can help you decide on that if you are unsure of how many Hawkeye Wasp Lure traps you need for you unique situations. To start with you can get our Wasp Lure Starter Pack and see how you go with one single trap. If you have a big property (> 500 meter square) and still have wasps in some other areas of you property get a couple more Wasp Lure pouches and traps. Install these  traps in different locations in high wasp activity areas. For 1000m2 size property and medium infestation levels we recommend  2 traps minimum, or if the pressure is high install 4 traps in different areas. If you are still unsure, please get in touch.

What should I do if there is suddenly extremely high wasp pressure on my property?

If the population suddenly reaches to a very high levels, you need to tackle them with a dual direct and indirect kill mechanism for a faster and more effective control. Install Hawkeye Wasp Bait stations and fill them with Hawkeye Wasp Bait and install Hawkeye Wasp Lure traps in suitable areas as per the directions under these conditions.

How it works- Wasp Bait will be taken back by the foragers looking for protein for the colony and the most active hungry foragers looking for sugar will be trapped in the Hawkeye wasp traps, knocking the population of wasps down quickly and slowly where the whole nest will be wiped out by using our Wasp Bait product.

Technical Information

The Wasp Lure traps work via attract and trap mechanism, where the active wasp foragers are attracted and drawn to the lure volatiles, once they are inside the trap they cant find their way out, therefore they will drown in the Lure. Empty the whole contents and re-fill the traps once they are full with wasps or there is no more free liquid left.

There may be some live active wasps inside the trap at the refilling time and it is okay to let them escape during refilling as they will fly back to their nest and recruit more wasps back to the trap.

Contains bee repellents and does not attract bees when used as per directions. Effective against Common and German wasps.

Hawkeye Wasp Lure Safety Data Sheet