Ant Bait

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Ant Bait

  • Safe to people and pets Safe to people and pets
  • Contains application strips Contains application strips

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Hawkeye Ant Bait is a professional strength ant bait that is easy to use and is great for controlling a wide range of ant species in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It can be used both outdoors and indoors. 

This pack includes:
15g tube of Ant Gel sufficient to eliminate 2-3 average-sized ant nests.
8 re-usable applicator strips.


Excellent product, does the job really well.
Great product. Works really well. Courier takes far too long to get it to South Island though. Better to post.
Great product and fast delivery over holiday period.
Although expensive, this does the job very well. Found lots of dead ants just 8 hours after putting bait out! and still working well
We have found the Ant Gel very effective in killing off an ant nest in our ceiling and have reordered the gel for future use
No ants inside since we put strips on their highway and near where we think their hideout is. So far so good! Looks like it may well have dine the trick.
AMAZING product! My nest was in the ceiling and I knew where the ants were coming from so knew where to place the strips. Within seconds of applying the first strip the ants were on it and within minutes it was covered so I applied a 2nd strip. That quickly filled up with ants too so I added a 3rd. Within a couple of hours of applying the strips the ants were gone! It's been a few days now and no ants have returned. I've tried other ant bait but none have eliminated the nest like Hawkeye. I can't recommend this product highly enough! Buy some today!!
Wow this Ant Bait really works! No more ants in the kitchen. Couldn't find their tracks back to the nest though. Will now get the outdoor ant bait to put around the outside of the house to make sure they do not come back. Highly recommend this product and will let others know.
Very quick delivery. Thank you Hawkeye.
We had ants all through our kitchen and pantry, I put out three traps and an hour later the bait was covered in ants, then the next morning they were all gone and haven't come back - brilliant!
I bought this product to eliminate black ants in my house. It took only about 2 days to completely stop them coming. Highly recommended product. I’m happy with the results.
Excellent results, will only use this product from now on, other store bought ant killers didn’t work very well.. Thankyou,
Had about a 70% success rate with this product. I had an ants nest in the roof. So I progressed onto using Ant Spray.
Amazing ants where gone which in two days, am very happy with this product. Fully Recommend
Ants had just been walking past other bait but within an hour of putting out Hawkeye gel, they’d swarmed it and we haven’t seen another ant in the days since.
I am giving the product a 5 star rating as the ants certainly responded BUT with the areas I need to treat I underestimated the amount I would need.
Are larger tubes available?
I used to use boric acid products that ended up splitting the colony
This stuff works...most likely why big box stores don't sell it... thanks Hawkeye
Good for certain applications and indoors but I suggest to buy the spray liquid. Makes alot and does the job!

Directions for use

Indoor Application:
For effective indoor use, strategically place the ant gel  on the applicator strips provided, approximately 2-3 cm alongside the ant trails near cracks and crevices, along walls or use on floors. This close positioning creates a diversion, leading ants off the trail with the enticing bait scent. Once one ant feeds, others are likely to join. If the bait is entirely consumed but ant activity persists, reapply as necessary. Be mindful to avoid applying the gel on benchtops or surfaces used for food preparation, and keep it away from dishes to prevent contact with food. Exercise caution in areas accessible to pets and children. Rest assured, our ant gel ensures safety around humans and pets when applied following the product label instructions.

Outdoor Application:
Hawkeye Ant Bait proves effective outdoors, especially in dry areas. To heighten its effectiveness, consider pairing it with our specialized outdoor ant spray. Strategically place the bait near/along ant trails and in key outdoor locations, including behind or under equipment, appliances, tables, within furniture framing, and around rubbish bins where ants are present.
Maintain the ants' natural trailing behavior by applying the gel on marked areas of applicator strips alongside their trail. For larger outdoor infestations, position the strip applicators 3-5 inches apart in high-activity areas. For an added layer of protection, our outdoor ant spray, tailored for exteriors, creates a defensive barrier around rubbish bins and other outdoor spaces. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive strategy, effectively eliminating ants and nests outdoors, and creating a pest-free environment.

Tips to prevent an infestation of ants in your home:
Ensure an ant-free home by promptly cleaning benchtops and floors, sealing cracks and crevices to impede ant return, and storing food in airtight containers for effective prevention.

Frequently asked questions

What is the active ingredient?

Ant gel is made from 0.5% indoxacarb. Indoxacarb has a low mammalian toxicity and is one of the safer insecticide active ingredients available to use around people and pets. The product itself is no more toxic than table salt, but we still never recommend having it anywhere

Is Hawkeye Ant Gel suitable for controlling both outdoor and indoor ant infestations?

Yes, our Ant Gel can be applied indoors as well as outdoors, but only in outdoor areas the provide shelter. I.e a porch, veranda, car port, spa room etc. We do recommend that if you need to treat an ant nest outdoors and the trails you are treating are out in the open then you will need to use -Hawkeye Ant Spray. This product has additives to make it rain fast and UV protected so it will last in outdoor environmets for 4-6 months.

What should I do if ants do not feed on the bait?

It could just be down to the positioning of where the applicator strips have been placed with the bait on it. The best thing to do is move the strips to another location. Make sure to put them beside the trail and if this isn’t working, we recommend putting the strips across the trail.

How can I prevent ant infestations inside my home?

You need to make sure you keep plants that harbour sucking pests like aphids, mealy bugs and white flies trimmed and away from the walls of your house. These types of plant pests secrete honeydew attracting ants into the home and after a certain population level, they will move to the kitchen and areas in search of more food. We recommend treating the problem from the outside, that is especially important to help eliminate ants before they get into your home. Inspect your property on the outside and apply Hawkeye Ant Spray to the trails. If the Ants are already inside with high levels of infestation you may want to apply Hawkeye Far Spray for the heavier infestations. Keep areas clear of food waste, spills and bins fully closed.

How long will it take to notice a reduction of ants inside my home?

You should notice a reduction in numbers within 2-3 weeks for small to medium level infestations. Larger nests will take longer to treat. Let us know if you need more advice on application is problems persist.

How many nests will one 15g tube treat?

One single tube of Hawkeye Ant Gel will treat 2-3 small to medium sized ant nests. Larger nests will require more ant gel and you can also use the gel in combination Hawkeye Ant Spray to treat the outside trails coming in.  

Technical Information

Hawkeye Ant Gel is a high-potency bait that requires significantly less bait to eliminate a whole nest than other commonly used Ant Baits ont he market. It kills ants effectively with an attractive sweet bait formulation that ants desire. Foraging ants feed on it and carry the bait back to the nest to feed the queen and other ants/juveniles via trophallaxis (food exchange between ants) causing the entire colony to be eliminated. The bait starts working in 5-6 hours and wipes a nest in a week

It is effective against a broad range of ants species including, white-footed ants, black house ants, and efficiently controls them indoors and outdoors.

The bait is consumed by the workers as well as taken back to the colony to be shared, providing a high kill rate, and eliminating the colony in a short period. The bait starts working in 5-6 hours and wipes a nest out in a week.

It is not usually necessary to empty kitchen cabinets or cover food preparation surfaces before applying Hawkeye Ant Gel. Always place the strips beside the ant trail and not in the middle of the trail to make it more convenient for them to take it back to the nest.

Always read the label and use as per directions - Ant Gel User Leaflet 

Hawkeye Ant Gel contains 0.05% Indoxacarb (see sfaety data sheet in downloads for more information)