Banshee - Red Mite Solution

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Banshee - Red Mite Solution

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Banshee is a natural solution to prevent red mite infestations in poultry sheds, coops, hutches or houses. Banshee is a blend of natural plant essential oils in a mineral oil carrier with emulsifiers to help it mix with water for easy application.


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Directions for use

Banshee is straightforward and easy to use, only requiring a pressurized sprayer, such as a common ‘garden sprayer’ or ‘trigger sprayer’ found in hardware stores. The birds should be moved out of the area to be treated until the spray solution has dried.

The product is added to water at the correct use rate depending on the type of sprayer used:

  • 80ml per 5 litres of water for a garden sprayer, or 16ml per litre of water.
  • 80ml per 100m2 of treated area if a more elaborate professional or commercial sprayer is being used.

Frequently asked questions

Is Banshee an insecticide?

No, Banshee is not an insecticide as it is designed to repel mites away from poultry housing.

Does Banshee smell?

Banshee is made using an essential oil blend and has a characteristic odour which comes from the essential oils used. Some people like the odour, some people don’t.

Will resistance develop with Banshee?

It is very unlikely that resistance will occur due to its use as a repellent and the blend of essential oils used.

What pack sizes area available?

Banshee is available in 240ml, 1L and 5L packs. For a small grower using a garden sprayer, 240ml will make up 15L of spray mix.

How do I determine how much water my sprayer applies per 100m²?

A typical ‘garden sprayer’ will apply 5L of water per 100m2 of treated area which would require a dilution rate of 80 ml Banshee in 5L of water, or 16 ml Banshee per litre of water.

What do you mean by ‘don’t spray past the point of run off’?

Products such as Banshee should be applied as a fine spray, where the spray droplets are very small. Ideally these should cover the surface evenly, but not to the point where they pool together to form larger droplets on the surface. This is called the point of run off. If this occurs these larger droplets can run (vertical) or drip (ceilings) off the surface, and means too much spray has been applied.

Does Banshee kill mites?

Unfortunately, the terms of our registration exemption states that we can only talk about the use of Banshee as a repellent. We encourage people to purchase and try Banshee to draw their own conclusions..

Does Banshee work on other mites, such as Tropical Fowl Mite and Northern Fowl Mite?

Both of these mite species live on the birds themselves, so require a treatment directly onto the birds. We cannot recommend Banshee is used in this manner.

Technical Information

Banshee was developed by Renovo Technologies in response to a request from a commercial grower. The commercial grower continued to use Banshee with outstanding results on flock health.

The success of Banshee has encouraged Renovo Technologies to make it available to a larger group of users in pack sizes which suit all scales of poultry farming from small urban/lifestyle through to large commercial growers.

Banshee contains no synthetic insecticides and is easy to use.

It is available in the following pack sizes and configurations:

  • 240mL pack with included measuring cylinder which is sufficient for 15L of spray mix
  • 5L pack for commercial grower and larger scale operations

Banshee Safety Data Sheet

Banshee works by repelling red mites away from poultry housing, and in the process keeps mite infestations away from the birds. The essential oil blend was specifically formulated to deter red mites from a treated area following extensive research and consultation with a commercial grower and veterinarians in New Zealand. As can be seen by the video below, red mites will actively stay away from any surface treated with Banshee. This is a result of the essential oils used and while they smell appealing to people, they are avoided at all costs by red mites.


Red mites live on surfaces and in cracks and crevices and only migrate onto the bird to feed. If the mite harbourages in chicken housing are not attractive places for red mites to congregate then they move out and away from the birds. This reduces the ease of getting a blood feed from the birds and so reduces the egg laying from the female red mites.

A repeated program of treatments should see the numbers of red mites lessen through attrition described above and eventually eliminate their presence form the chicken coop completely.

Banshee has a number of benefits over other products which are used for red mites:

  • Assessed to be exempt from regulations by the ACVM.
  • Safer with low toxicity from natural essential oils instead of harsh synthetic chemicals.
  • No crystalline silica, a cancer causing impurity found in diatomaceous earth.
  • Low residual product.
  • Applied to surfaces, not directly to the birds resulting in less stress on the birds.