Wasp Bait Starter Pack - Low Infestation

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Wasp Bait Starter Pack - Low Infestation

  • Safe for Bees Safe for Bees
  • Stable at room temperatures Stable at room temperatures
  • Can be used all year round Can be used all year round

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Hawkeye Wasp Bait is a highly attractive bait to foraging wasps which is taken back to the nest to wipe it out. This pack has everything needed for low infestations in an urban setting, e.g. activity of 2-5 wasps present at your property.

Larger numbers of wasps present require our high-infestation starter pack. Hawkeye Bait controls Common and German Wasp populations. Does not control Paper wasps.

This pack contains:
3 20g tubes of bait
2 bait stations 
6 bait wells 

No pre-baiting or registration approval is needed to use this bait. 



The easiest bait to use and is very effective. Have and will recommend
Simple to set up although some instructions for the station would be helpful, or you can check out Youtube as I did. Definitely attracting the wasps and hopefully will kill them off as the manufacturer says.
Good to deal with

Directions for use

Hawkeye Wasp Bait should be placed where wasps are foraging for food for best results. It shouldn’t be placed anywhere there are strong odours that could mask the ‘smell’ of the attractants in the bait, for example, do not place Hawkeye Wasp Bait near flower beds, especially if they have a strong fragrance. Ideally the placement will be in an open position out of all day sun, but the primary consideration is putting it where wasps are foraging.

Once you have the location for bait placement decided, assemble stations and put them in the predetermined positions. They can be attached using cable ties or a screw or tack into fences, posts, trees etc.

Put the required amount of bait in the bait well. Each well will be approximately half full with the required amount of bait (20ml for home user wells and 40ml for commercial user wells).

Place the well in the provided cavity in the station and close the station.

You should notice a reduction in wasp activity within a couple of weeks of placement, with elimination of the nest occurring in approximately 4 weeks.

If the bait no longer seems to be attracting wasps, this means the bait is spent – wasps have taken all the active ingredient and attractants out. The spent bait residue should be discarded and replaced with fresh bait.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Wasp Bait eliminate an entire nest?

Yes, Hawkeye Wasp Bait has been designed to eliminate entire nests and colonies, provided that, you use enough bait for the size of the nest(s). Due to the nature of the slow-acting active ingredient, you do have to be patient for the wasp bait to work, as it requires enough workers feeding on the bait and returning to the nest, along with recruiting others to come and feed on the bait. You should notice a reduction in wasp activity within a couple of weeks and elimination of the nest happening in approximately 4 weeks.

How does Hawkeye Wasp Bait differ FROM other Bait products in the market?

Hawkeye Wasp Bait is a protein and carbohydrate bait and the benefit of this is that it can be used all year round. It can be stored at ambient temperature and lasts for 2 years. Other similar products on the market tend to be only protein, therefore only having a short timeframe in the wasp life cycle where they require only protein for the nest. Hawkeye Wasp Bait will last out in the stations for 2-3 weeks, you will need to keep an eye on the bait if infestation levels are really high, it may need switching out sooner.

What is the difference between Hawkeye Wasp Bait and Wasp Lure?

Hawkeye Wasp Bait is formulated to wipe out nests of Common and German Wasp species. It contains a slow acting active ingredient, the wasps feed on the bait and transport it back to the nest. Wasp Lure is a non poisonous attractant that lures the wasps into the trap and works by attract and trap mechanism that once the wasps fly in, the cannot escape therefor drowning in the lure solution. This product is good for use in low infestation situations, or to work as a dual product with wasp bait to decrease the bio mass of the nest and therefore less bait will be needed during treatment to wipe a nest out. 


When should I start using Hawkeye Wasp Bait?

We recommend using Hawkeye Wasp Bait once you are experiencing high wasp pressure (20+ wasps in a vicinity at any one time. In lower-pressure situations, take a look at our Wasp Lure product.

Where should I place Hawkeye Wasp Bait on my property?

The placement of wasp bait depends on where the wasps are foraging and the surrounding environment. Getting optimal placement of the bait and stations can take some time to figure out. If you are struggling to get wasps feeding on the bait, contact us for further advice.

I know where the wasp nest is. Should I use Hawkeye Wasp Bait to eliminate it?

While you can use Hawkeye Wasp Bait, if you know where the nest is located and it is a hazard to yourself or family, we recommend calling a professional Pest Controller who can get rid of the nest straight away. 

What is the active ingredient and how does it work?

Hawkeye Wasp Bait contains 0.4% indoxacarb. Indoxacarb has a low mammalian toxicity and is one of the safer insecticide-active ingredients to be used around people and pets. The product itself is no more toxic than table salt (though it should never be consumed, and we do suggest keeping it out of the way of pets)

Are honeybees attracted to Hawkeye Wasp Bait?

No. We have done extensive studies and trials around New Zealand with beekeepers to show that bees have no attraction to our Hawkeye Wasp Bait formulation. It has been scientifically designed to have a deterrence for bees. Beekeeper testimonials and trial data is available upon request.


Technical Information

Hawkeye Wasp Bait is a scientifically developed bait consisting of protein,  sugar and highly attractive food-grade volatiles that draws wasps to the bait stations. The wasps feed on the sugar content of the bait and take the protein and active back to the nest to feed the young ones, resulting in wiping out the whole nest.

Wasp Bait Safety Data Sheet

Wasp Bait User Leaflet 

Hawkeye Wasp Bait is made up of wasp attractants, wasp foods and insecticide active ingredient to provide a highly palatable matrix to wasps that is taken back to the nest and eliminate it.

It has been deliberately formulated with an active ingredient that is slow acting so that it will be taken back to the nest and distributed around all the wasps instead of killing the wasp transporting it. Because of this, it takes time to work and does not give an instant kill of foraging wasps.

Foraging wasps have been given information from scout foragers on the location of good food for the nest. It is vital for the performance of the wasp bait that it is placed out where wasps are foraging, otherwise uptake will be poor. It shouldn’t simply be placed in the wasp flight path, or put out when wasps are not actively foraging, eg during times of stress or drought when nest growth slows.

Hawkeye wasp bait can be stored for up to 2 years under ambient conditions in the provided packaging. Refrigeration is not necessary.

Hawkeye wasp bait has been formulated to be attractive all year round. It can be used at any time of the year without the need for prebaiting.