I caught a Queen yesterday!

It’s early October and Queen wasps are out and about with this one flying round in our house. At this time of the year the Queens start coming out of winter hibernation, start a new nest and lay their first brood of eggs. While she’s raising this first brood, she will be out collecting food for the larvae and after they emerge as adult workers the Queen disappears into the nest and we won’t see her again for the season.

How do you tell if it’s a queen? Queens are little larger than your average garden variety worker wasp and they have a more rounded abdomen as in the photo below of the Queen wasp caught yesterday.

So now is the perfect time to target Queen wasps with our Hawkeye Wasp Lure. If you can trap and kill a Queen you eliminate an entire nest from establishing, which could potentially be thousands of wasps later in summer.

You can also use Hawkeye Wasp Bait for the Queen but this product is designed to wipe out whole nests so is a bit of overkill for solitary Queen wasps, this is why Hawkeye Wasp Lure is recommended at this time during the season.

Queen Wasp