Wasp Bait or Wasp Lure? What Should You Be Using?

With the sun shining, our buzzing enemies—the wasps—are out in force. Here at Hawkeye, situated in New Plymouth, New Zealand, we take pride in presenting two solutions to counter these winged invaders. Crafted with care and without some of those nasty overseas ingredients, our local products stand as a safer shield to protect your home and garden this summer.

For the particular pest of wasps, we offer both Wasp Lure and the Wasp Bait products. In this guide, we will explain each product and help answer the question: do I need wasp bait or lure? It will help you make choices tailored to your unique wasp challenge.

Wasp Lure: Drawing Wasps into the Yellow Trap 

How It Works:
The Wasp Lure, a non-toxic option, beckons wasps into yellow traps where they become entrapped. They can fly in fine, but it's getting out that is the problem. The wasps become trapped and drown in the wasp lure solution, resulting in an effective means of reducing the biomass of wasp nests. 

Placement Strategy:
Inspect your property, identify high wasp activity areas, and position yellow traps strategically. Avoid locations with strong odors and check for spills to prevent unintended bee attraction.

Application Steps:
Simply fill the traps with one full pouch of wasp lure, secure the lids, and hang them about 1.5 meters above the ground. Regular checks ensure ongoing success. Wasp lure will last 3-4 weeks in the trap depending on wasp numbers. One thing to be aware of, the solution starts off red - if it turns clear, it is still working. UV light breaks down the colorings in the product. 

Wasp Bait: A Targeted Strike at Entire Nests

How It Works:
Opt for the Wasp Bait if you have nusiance wasp nests you need to deal to, this will ensure elimation of the whole colony. Placed in white stations, the bait entices wasps to consume it and unwittingly carry it back to their nest, feeding the entire colony and within 3 weeks, wipes them out. 

Strategic Placement:
Identify zones of high wasp activity and place bait stations strategically, usually in direct line with their flight path. Keep them away from strong-smelling areas and direct sunlight. The wasp bait will start to show a noticeable reduction in wasp activity within weeks. If you are dealing with multiple nests, reapplication may be necessary.

Easy Application:
Assemble the stations, add the bait, and witness a decline in wasp numbers. If the bait changes appearance, replace it with fresh bait. It is usually okay for a couple of weeks but close monitoring while numbers are high is highly advised. 

Choosing Your Weapon: Tailored Strategies for Your Situation

For Low to Moderate Infestations:
Opt for the wasp lure. It's perfect for smaller colonies or scattered wasp activity, reducing individual wasp numbers around specific areas. If you are determined to wipe out nests and constantly have low numbers hanging around, we would recommend our low-infested wasp bait. Wasp bait and lure combo - Low infestation

For High Infestations:
We recommend using both lure and bait in combination, this will allow the lure to reduce the biomass of the nest and the wasp bait can do the job of wiping out the colony.  Bait and Lure High Infestation Combo is our recommended product for high infestations and anyone who needs to protect beehives. 

Guiding Your Decision: Considerations and Real Experiences

Consider Infestation Severity:
Evaluate the extent of the wasp problem on your property, distinguishing between low and high. Low being 3-4 wasps at any one time and high being anything more than 4. 

Remember you can use both:
For a smart strategy, some customers start with the wasp lure for a few weeks (as a pre-baiting method) and then switch to the bait, in the same placement where the traps were. This helps because the wasps already recognise the pattern and location, making it a straightforward and effective switch from one product to the next without them figuring out what we are doing. This approach is recommended when you are having trouble attracting the wasps initially. 

Real Experiences:
Customers share their Hawkeye Wasp Bait success stories:
- "Wasps swarmed around bait stations. Highly recommend."
- "Good take-up by wasps, and numbers now declining appreciably."

Conclusion: Navigating Your Wasp Control with Hawkeye

With insights into wasp lure and wasp bait choosing the right solution for your needs is a breeze. Deploy strategically, enjoy a wasp-free summer, and let Hawkeye be your partner in this seasonal challenge.

Please keep in mind that circumstances differ from place to place. If you need specific help or just have questions about wasp elimination or our products, please feel free to contact the team at Hawkeye as we are always happy to help and direct you in the right direction.