At Hawkeye, we're not just about insect and pest control; we're about fostering a sense of community and helping out our neighbors. So, when the Bellblock Pohutukawa Kindergarten approached us with concerns about a wasp infestation that was putting their children at risk of stings, we knew we had to step in.

Our priority was to fully understand the extent of the problem. We conducted an assessment of wasp levels, what their food source was, and what products we should use. We did this free of charge, as we believed that the kindergarten would appreciate this help, reinforcing our commitment to our community. Working alongside Josie and her team at the kindergarten, we identified the source of the issue. This was an ivy plant teeming with wasps just beyond the boundary fence.

 Understanding that it is a kindergarten environment with children running around and playing, we strategically placed our bait and lures to minimize any safety risk to the children. Placing the toxic bait on the opposite side of the fence, away from the playground, ensured that it remained out of reach while effectively targeting the wasps' flight path. Non-toxic lures were positioned within the kindergarten grounds, safely away from curious little hands.


After just three days, our efforts began to show promising results. The traps were capturing significant numbers of wasps, and there hadn't been any reported stings since their installation. We started by finding approximately 15 wasps dead in the traps on the first visit back, with numbers ramping up each time we visited. We even noticed a few queen wasps in the traps, which was promising for decreasing nest sizes. Encouraged by these initial signs of success, we continued monitoring the traps, and by our third visit, we observed a notable decrease in the wasp population.

Josie's positive feedback was a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. Her acknowledgment of reduced wasp activity and fewer stings reaffirmed our commitment to providing practical solutions that make a real difference in our community. Inspired by this success, one of our team members, India, has initiated a formal trial with a fresh batch of lure and traps, meticulously documenting and analysing the captured wasps to gauge the performance of our products. This has gone very well so far.

With each regular visit, we've seen a steady decline in wasp numbers, bringing peace of mind to the children and staff at Bellblock Pohutukawa Kindergarten. Our final count up of dead wasps before the second placement of lure was 208 worker wasps and 13 Queen wasps. This is in addition to the wasp bait which would have eliminated even more, but we can't count exact numbers. 
We're incredibly grateful to Josie and her team for allowing us to trial our solutions and for their ongoing collaboration.

If you're facing similar pest challenges, whether it's wasps, ants, spiders, fleas, or any other unwelcome visitors, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to provide effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Check out our website or give us a call at 0800 002 920. Together, we can create a safer, pest-free environment for everyone.

Ngā mihi nui,
The Hawkeye Team