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Ant Spray

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Hawkeye Ant Spray has been formulated to provide a safer alternative to control specific insects outdoors for up to 6 months. It contains additional ingredients that prevent it from washing away in rain, and protect it from harmful UV rays and other general weathering to achieve this long-term control. These ingredients may leave a visible residue on some surfaces so it is not recommended for inside use. Hawkeye Flea, Ant, and Roach Spray are recommended for inside use.

It is a 250mL pack with an included measuring cylinder, sufficient for 5L of spray mix.


I sprayed around the house & boundary in the morning. The next morning no sign of any ants in the house
Amazing product Highly recommended
This product is awesome.! It is very affordable, half the price of other similar products available in the big stores. Sprayed it along & around the skirts of the house as a barrier. A couple of days later, Ant's within the parameter of the house started to die, they were showing up from nowhere which was a surprise. There appears to be no more Ant trails leading up to the house & around. Given it is KIWI MADE I am definitely going to buy a couple more to support the business. The Wife was so impressed, she's going to let our neighbors know. THANK YOU, RENOVO TECHNOLOGIES!
Used this to kill several ants nests in my roof. Note: I used a full face breathing mask with HEPA filtration that I have for working in asbestos contaminated areas together with protective clothing.
This seems to have eliminated them.
I have not yet sprayed around the full base of our house, just certain spots where they are visible - will also do spots in the garden when it dries out!!
Works very well in deterring white footed ants from entering house. Would it b possible to have a larger economical pack

Directions for use

Inspect the area to be treated to find the ant trails. Ants prefer to follow lines, and these commonly include fence rails, concrete paths, pavers, tree trunks, branches, decking, retaining walls, bark mulch, building structures, etc.

Application Method

  • Shake Hawkeye Ant Spray well before using and add 50mL of product per litre of water (e.g. 250ml per 5L of water).
    Close and mix the spray solution well.
  • Spray all the identified trails to the point of, but not past run off.
    Ensure the width of the spray band is wider than the ant trail.
  • Spray entrances to nests and areas other than trails such as exterior walls of buildings where ants are moving. Spray bark, mulch, stones, sand and other porous surfaces liberally to ensure good coverage.

It is also possible to apply the spray in a band 1 meter out and half a meter up from the outside of a building. Apply at a rate of 1 litre to 20 square meters of treated area. Do not spray if rain is expected within 4 hours.

Hawkeye Ant Spray contains additives that prevent it from washing away in rain, but these may be visible on very smooth or polished surfaces such as glass. Do not apply to these surfaces.


SURFACE SPRAY ONLY – DO NOT spray into the air or at higher rates than stated on this label.

DO NOT spray onto clothing, footwear, soft furnishings surfaces, or utensils that come into contact with food.

DO NOT use on food crops.

DO NOT spray pets. Remove pets from treated areas before application. Cover fish tanks before application.


Frequently asked questions

What is the active ingredient?

Ant Spray contains 20 g/L Indoxacarb as the active ingredient

Is it dangerous?

The product is no more hazardous than other common chemicals found around the home. The active ingredient is one of the safest insecticide active ingredients available today.

When should I use it?

Hawkeye Ant Spray is the product of choice for controlling ants outdoors. It offers long-term control and will eliminate nests when used properly.

Will it control Argentine Ants?

Yes. When used appropriately Hawkeye Ant Spray can eliminate Argentine Ant nests. However, Argentine Ant nests are often so big, with such a large biomass that multiple treatments and multiple products (eg Hawkeye Ant Bait and Hawkeye Flea, Ant and Roach Spray) may be needed.

Can my pets be around the spray?

When spraying remove pets for at least 4 hours or until the spray is dry. After this, pets are safe to be around sprayed areas.


What do you mean by ‘don’t spray past the point of run off’?

Products such as Hawkeye Ant Spray should be applied as a fine spray, where the spray droplets are very small. Ideally these should cover the surface evenly, but not to the point where they pool together to form larger droplets on the surface. This is called the point of run off. If this occurs these larger droplets can run (vertical) or drip (ceilings) off the surface, and means too much spray has been applied.

Does it control insects other than ants?

It will control cockroaches, fleas and wasps, just like Hawkeye Flea, Ant and Roach Spray. But remember that it is only for outside use and these pests predominantly cause problems indoors.

How can I find out what species of ant I have?

There is information on common problem ant species in New Zealand found on our Ants page. If you are still unable to identify the ant species, contact us and our entomologist will work with you to identify the species and provide advice on the recommended solution and application of the products for the best result.

Technical Information

Hawkeye Ant Spray contains Indoxacarb as the active ingredient. Indoxacarb is one of the safest insecticide active ingredients available today due to its mode of action. Indoxacarb is converted by enzymes inside the insect to the toxin that kills the insect through blocking of nerve impulses from its nerve cells. This causes the insect to slow down to the point of paralysis – the opposite effect to pyrethroid active ingredients found in Hawkeye Spider and Insect Spray and the majority of home use sprays and aerosols in New Zealand.

Mammals such as people and pets do not contain the specific enzymes that break Indoxacarb down to the toxin that kills insects. This means it has a low toxicity to people and is perfect to be used in and around the home as a result.

Hawkeye Ant Spray has been specifically formulated for outdoor use. It contains rainfastness agents that will prevent it washing away in significant rain events (even up to 100mm of rain), as well as additives that reduce weathering and UV degradation of the active ingredient. After rainfall, spray trails require daylight on them to reactivate the active ingredient and start it working again. This is a result of the functionality of the rainfastness additive which encapsulates the active ingredient during rainfall to protect it and is then weathered off rapidly by sunlight. This may cause some delay to the product working again immediately after rainfall.

A lot of pest treatments found on the Hawkeye website recommend multiple products be used to get the best result. Consider each product to be a tool that is used and in order to get a good outcome a variety of tools must be used, much the same as its not possible to build a house with only a hammer, a number of tools are needed. In the case of Hawkeye Ant spray, other products such as Hawkeye Ant Bait and/or Hawkeye Flea, Ant and Roach Spray are recommended for best results. The reason for this is because an outdoor ant nest is likely to be large and a higher amount of active ingredient is necessary to eradicate the biomass of the ant nest. The best way to achieve this is to get the active ingredient to the pest infestation from as many sources as possible (eg ingested from bait, contacted from spray outside and also picked up from their trials inside). With a large nest that has multiple queens, such as that often found with Argentine Ants or White footed Ants follow up treatments are likely to be needed to ensure the nest is completely eliminated. Failure to do this may mean that a small part of the nest may survive undetected and will re-emerge at a later date.

Ants will also ‘move in’ to areas where there are no competing ant species. This means that if you successfully eradicate all the ant nests on your property, after a period of time ants from your neighbours’ property will move in an establish a new nest.

Provided they are not an invasive ant species (eg Argentine Ants) or an indoor species (White Footed Ants, Black House Ants) this shouldn’t cause major issues, but working with your neighbours to eradicate invasive species such as Argentine Ants will provide longer term control.